The Zhineng Qigong Hubs

By Level 6 (client)

Zhineng Qigong helps students worldwide in learning the ground-breaking work of Dr. Pang Ming with the art of self-healing in a natural way. It is ancient Chinese wisdom matched with the modern Western understanding of how the body and mind works together. The Student’s Hub is built to be an international hub for information and training videos while the Teacher’s Hub is for all the needs of a Zhineng Qigong teacher. Additionally, to that there is a global event calendar which allows teachers to post their upcoming sessions, seminars and retreat events. This has been my largest web project as it encompasses a huge variety in functions, ecommerce and affiliate system, synchronized user sessions and a lot of attention to functional detail.

Arbeiten in Kapstadt

By Talentpool Solution (client)

Arbeiten in Kapstadt is a German Job Portal for the Cape Townian local community and market. Businesses and Recruiters post their job needs for a fee while we at AIK relay those posts to social media so that it gains the right exposure. The platform also serves as a foundation of some of the largest German social media groups in Cape Town and has various ad-space deals with other well-known brands. The diversified information section helps newcomers find the right direction to Cape Town in the working/employment field. The current website is version 2 with new layout and functionality.


Personal Business

A few years ago, I bought 10 tiny elderflower plants from my neighbour Vincent for R105. That was my time in life where I enjoyed garden projects and gained incredible amounts of experience in the botany field, trying out over 500 different plant types. Elderflower was hardy to my sandy and hot environment and was soon able to bloom just after one year. After 2 years they were 2m at height and had enough yield for the first batch of elderflower used to make syrup. Since the sugary drink is quite well known in Europe and the States, I tried selling them locally without much success. Then I figured that the tea market might be more suitable and there we go – most of my current sales now is dried elderflower tea – sold online or at the German Grocer. Sometimes bulk orders for Gin distillers come in which has an rising trend internationally.

The Alpaca Shop / Alpaca Crafters Shop

Family Business

Since we moved to a farm near Philadelphia, 40 minutes north of Cape Town 10 years ago, we have been breeding with alpacas. More on that in the next post. The Alpaca Shop is the successor online shop of ours and showcases over 300 alpaca products. The concept was to make it a national “free for all merchants” online shop where other alpaca product producers can share their wares. Putting effort into social media and various communities, we are getting regular customers now which is a perfect income stream to cover the costs of running an alpaca farm. Oat bales are expensive.

Akelei Alpakas / Alpomel

Family Business

We got out first alpacas in 2004 and started breeding. The market was in its up-trend and we seized many opportunities along the way. As everything that hypes, it eventually dries out so we stopped breeding but kept the alpacas for wool production and as an attraction. The wool is processed into a variety of goods, yarns and felts and is sold on The Alpaca Shop. We also offer farm tours and functions.

Alpomel (Health Shop) is a “tiny” eCommerce shop that offers our 100% natural products, alpaca wool, elderflower tea and seasonal pomegranate juice. The peak interest is normally when the pomegranates are ripe and are being squeezed into pure juice and sold very quickly all over the country.

JAM – Jesus and Me

Charity / Client Project

A good friend of mine and youth pastor Sebastian Haas had to relocate to Pretoria and is now offering “freelance youth pastor services”, specializing in social groups, camps and Christian education. He is also a qualified teacher and tutor. After some brainstorming we came up with a few good ideas on how to build his own brand “JAM”, make it modern, confession-free and socially including and welcoming everyone.  I do this project on a charity basis as I felt this was the one moment where I could finally help in spreading the holy gospel of Christ.

African FynbosGems

Client Project

African FynbosGems Jewellery are designed and manufactured using sustainably grown fynbos from the world famous Cape floral kingdom. South Africa’s Cape floral kingdom is one of the richest areas in the world for plant biodiversity. This small belt of natural vegetation is home to over 8 500 fynbos species including the well known protea family.  

African FynbosGems jewellery is carefully made in Cape Town in the shadows of Table Mountain and creates employment for the local community. They use the branches, the leaves and the flower blooms of plants that we carefully harvest. They choose a mixture of plants which we then press and compact under great pressure. From this they hand-carve unique shapes which then become the beautiful centrepiece of our jewellery. In some cases the jewellery is given a special lacquer coating and sometimes it is left uncoated. Every African FynbosGems item is unique and no two are the same.

Learn German

Personal Business

Learn German is a website where German teachers and tutors can showcase themselves for finding students and those that want or need to learn the German language. It’s hardly a revenue model for now, but it helps me indirectly through others, criss, cross, around the corner. Once it gains traction, phase two has a solid business model but also requires my full attention. This is a project in development. We had a good start so far.