Servus & Howsit, my name is Christopher Georg Tatzreither from TATZ Creative Media, thank you for checking out my website. Let’s talk business if you’re interested in forming a long-term relationship with me – strictly work related …

TATZ Creative Media is an independent multimedia service which provides for your business promotional needs, such as graphic design, videography, photography, professional portfolio development and online presence SEO management.  I specialize on building foundations and architecture for your online businesses from scratch to live system.


Asset Projects

My major task at TATZ CM is to build and maintain income producing projects for clients. This incorporates the startup phase, in which we create a concise and coherent business plan, which will then be implemented in a low maintenance system. I am interested in the sustainable growth of digital assets so that the client can lay back and enjoy their low capital digital investment generate a regular income. Come to TATZ CM to realize your ideas ~ brainstorming talks will be fun !

Ecommerce Systems

Having built many online shops, from simple to more complex systems, I am quite confident in creating a new platform for your clientele to acquire your products.  TATZ CM offers an all in one package, from server hosting, to building the ecommerce platform itself, to optimizing it for today’s market. Get ready to have your business prosper as it grows online.

Various Platforms

Besides Ecommerce, there are various other types of online platforms which a client might need. May it be a company website, service boards, job boards, advanced advertising systems or simply informational websites that incorporate the latest digital technical knowhow.

Full Scale Marketing

Understanding the market direction is one thing, acting upon it and seizing the opportunity is another. From my project history, I pride myself in being on top of the game to spot, analyse and act on the latest trends and use them to come up with feasible plans. Knowing your market is the cornerstone of understanding if a project’s direction is worth it on the long run, or if the project will only be a short-term success.

Brand Development

After more than a decade of experience in this field, TATZ CM offers all solutions on making a brand great. From logo design, to banners, posters, flyers, business cards on a digital or printed medium, there are no limits on what can or cannot be done. The idea behind brand development is to make a business stand out from the others and give it social value. This also includes a very strong social media presence, with regular and engaging content management, to other stunts that increase visibility.

Audio Visual

TATZ CM also offers creative services, such as 2D/3D infographic videos, music composition & rendering from solo to mini orchestra, filming and photography, general infomercials, music videos, social media content clips, mini-documentaries, retail semi-static screen content, 3D architecture & modeling, stock/event/model photography and much much more. Let’s have a chat …


After graduating at CityVarsity in 2012 for Film and Television Techniques, I pursued a variety of film and photography projects the following years while side hustling as IT technician. Eventually things dried up and I migrated my field of expertise to graphic design, animation and web development. Additionally, to that I learned a lot on business management (short MBA course), strategies, revenue models and how to combine all the puzzle pieces into one large image.

Currently I am officially part-time employed at TalentPool Solutions / Level6 for web development, graphic design and a few video projects. Additionally, to that I run various other online platforms and side hustles which generate passive income and build on a diverse and strong inter connected business foundation, usually involving one or more co-team players per project.

If you’re interested in my CV, send me a message and I may share my skeletons in the closet…

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